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Bovano of Cheshire Glass Enameled Wall Sculptures


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Bovano of Cheshire glass enameled wall sculptures are hand made by spreading powdered glass over a copper base at high temperature. The technique is time consuming and difficult to reproduce, making Bovano sculptures truly one of a kind.

Butterflies and Dragonflies
Cheshire Flowers
Geckos, Frogs, Animals
Balloons, Wine, Fruit
Winifred Cole

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Bovano of Cheshire, CT

Pricing Information - Bovano requires that all on-line dealers charge a fixed price or more for their sculptures. No dealer can charge less and still replace stock. We offer the best prices you will find on-line. No extra markups followed by sale prices, no gimmicks to confuse or fool. Just free US shipping on most orders.

On-line pricing is an issue for all artists. Many times customers will visit a store, find a Bovano of Cheshire sculptures they like, and then search on-line for a better price. This results in a loss of sale to the brick and mortar dealer. Many dealers remove the tag from the Bovano of Cheshire sculpture so that the customer can't determine the artist. This isn't good for Bovano of Cheshire sculptures, or for the store. By raising their on-line price minimum, Bovano of Cheshire has tried to level the playing field and hopefully this will be good for all. Give us a call on 815 436 0370 for our best price.

Our in-store prices for Bovano sculptures are now generally lower than our on-line prices. So, stop into our store, call us (815 436 0370), or e-mail us for our in-store Bovano pricing.

Our site is separated into 7 major categories of Bovano of Cheshire designs. By clicking on the links below, you will be lead to the many hundreds of sculptures available and order from our secure site.

Bovano of Cheshire Enameled Glass Sculptures


Butterflies and Dragonflys



Geckos, Frogs, Animals

Sunburst, Wall Panels and Wall Plates

Balloons and Wine

Table Top and Wall Sculptures

New Items

Butterflies & Dragonflies - Open Wing, Monarch, Tiger Swallowtail, Buckeye, and more.
Bovano Birds - Cardinals, Hummingbirds, Chickadees, Songbirds, Shorebirds, Large Shorebirds
Marine - Single and Multiple, Reef Fish, Seahorses, and Mermaids
Flowers - Wildflowers, Ferns, Leaves, Bouquets, Orchids, and Hydrangeas
Geckos - Geckos, Frogs, Farm Animals
Large Wall Hangings - Sunbursts, Wall Panels and Plates
Balloons and Wine - Albuquerque Colors, Red and White wine and grapes
Winifred Cole - Enameled Table Top and Wall Floral Sculptures
New Items 2013 - New Table Top and Metal Sculptures

Bovano glass enameled sculptures are made by coating a base copper pattern with glass enamel where the variety of colors and designs merge and flow together at high temperature to form the final sculpture. Bovano products include wall and table sculptures and a few additional items. You can view more about the Bovano artistic process at The Bovano line has been made since 1952 and are truly collector's items.

We will be open on starting August 27th. Come in for picture framing, 30 - 75% off on just about everything in the Gallery. We can't wait so come on in. This page was modified on August 24th to bring you this message.