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Salvador Dali Divine Comedy

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Salvador Dali
Spanish (1904 - 1989)

Salvador Dali Divine Comedy - 1963

Between 1951 and 1960, Dali created 101 watercolor drawings to interpret the Salvador Dali Divine Comedy, a poem by Dante Alighieri (1265-1321). These works have been reproduced using a wood engraving technique. With this technique, wood engravers carved 3500 blocks for the prints that make up the suite. These 100 woodblock engravings were published as a set of six volumes. Each volume has a title page, a table of contents, and justification page contained in a cardboard slip case with matching inner boards. Each woodblock from the Salvador Dali Divine Comedy is part of a Canto or book chapter which is about 8 pages in length. The size of each sheet is about 13" x 10 1/3" with an image size of 7 1/4" x 9 1/2".

I purchase only entire sets of the Salvador Dali Divine Comedy, and if the book covers are in poor condition, I will split up the set and sell the individual illustrations. The illustrations may be unsigned or signed in the plate. The occurrence of unsigned vs. plate signed illustrations is rather random, and varies between books. Pricing for unsigned woodblocks from the Salvador Dali Divine Comedy starts at $150.00 and for those signed in the plate at $225.00. Each illustration comes with a certificate of authenticity for the entire set, and I include the the entire Canto (text, cover page, and illustration, as available). The availability of unsigned and plate signed illustrations changes regularly, so please request availability and condition reports for the works you are interested in. Click here to view framing options.

If you are interested in a complete set, I have several available. Some have sets of decompositions. E-MAIL for PRICE and CONDITION REPORT.