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La Venus aux Fourrures - 1968

Salvador Dali
Spanish (1904 - 1989)

La Venus aux Fourrures - 1968

This suite consists of 16 original, full sized engravings in sanguine with no text. The engravings are contained within boards and inner wrapper and this set would have been one of the suites from an early numbered book with extra suites. The engravings are on japon with the Dali embossed signature. The sheets with full margins are 15 x 11". The engravings were done by Braillard, Geneva, and published by Editions Argillet, Paris.

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La Femme
(The Woman)

La Femme au Fouet
(The Woman with a Whip)

La Femme Tenant un Voile
(The Woman Holding a Veil)

La Femme a Genou
(The Kneeling Woman)

La Femme a Cheval
(The Woman on a Horse)

La Femme - Feuille
(Lady - Leaf)

La Femme a la Bequille
(The Woman with the Crutch)

Les Fesses Piquantes
(The Piquante Buttocks)

Le Demon Aile
(The Winged Demon)

Les Negresses
(The Negresses)

La Femme a la Chaussure
(The Woman of the Shoe)

La Botte Violette
(The Violet Boot)

Le Torse
(The Torso)

Les Aigrettes
(The Plumes)

La Tete
(The Head)

Alle des Verges
(The Lane of the Birches)