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We updated this page on February 12th, 2018. It's a good time to spend your tax refund on art. We have a good selection of works by Dali, Icart, and other master artists. Look at our site and give us a call if you have questions.

Louis Icart Etchings
Illustrated Books, Oil Paintings and Artwork

Louis Icart Etchings - France (1888- 1950)

Louis Icart etchings were created of women from the art deco period. His art epitomizes the image of the female form during that time, and he often used his wife Fanny as his model. He used a combination of techniques to create over 500 etchings. These include drypoint, etching, and sugaring. Each Louis Icart etching was enhanced with hand coloring. While he generally hand signed his etchings in the lower right corner he usually didn't do the hand coloring. This would have been done by his studio. In the limited edition book "Buying Works by Icart," we describe the techniques in more detail. The book gives auction prices of Louis Icart etchings and is updated every six months. He created full sized etchings and erotic illustrated books. The illustrated books were sold in France and the bookplates were unsigned. He also created pastel enhanced lithographs, posters, postcards, and oils on canvas.

Click on the thumbnail image below to view our collection of his works we have for each category of artwork he created. We display artwork that we have. The artwork we display is guaranteed to be original and authentic. We have a good selection of rare original drawings and almost all of his illustrated books. On our web site we display several of his posters, lithographs, post cards and menu covers. We may have more than one of each Louis Icart etching, book or lithograph in stock and the pricing will vary depending on the condition of the etching. E-mail us for a condition report and pricing. For pricing and condition, give us a call.

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Louis Icart Etchings

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