Salvador Dali's The Dream of the Alchemist is a serigraph with etching done as part of the Alchimie des Philosophes (Alchemy of the Philosophers) book in 1975. Available for sale is the individual serigraph/engraving which we obtained directly from Yves Gauguet, president of Art et Valeur, the publisher. The engraving, which is the center part of the work, was done by Viglino and the serigraphy which is colorful part of the work was done by Michaael Caza. The work is printed on parchment and the size is about 30 x 22 with no margins. The serigraph contains two precious jewels placed as part of the engraving. The work is guaranteed authentic and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Yves Gauguet. E-mail or call us directly at (815) 436 0370. for price.

The Lockport Street Gallery actually carries this engraving/serigraph in stock and it is available and for sale.

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